Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of High School Success Coalition?

The High School Success Coalition advocates for proven policies that are grounded in racial equity and support every student on their path to achieve a rigorous high school diploma and pursue their dreams.

As a coalition, we believe:

  • rigorous classes are essential, 
  • counseling services and support staff are critical, and
  • transitions are pivotal. 

Our vision is that every Washington student will graduate high school prepared with the skills to navigate a rigorous post-secondary education and connected with the resources necessary to take their next step.

Why does this matter?

The truth is 1 out of 5 Washington students will not graduate from high school. And within that statistic lies a great inequity. Too often, children left behind are students of color and students from low-income families. HSSC knows that this is because of a deep opportunity gap, not because of ability. All kids can succeed. And, while Washington leaders have recently moved leaps and bounds towards investing in education, we can do more to make sure ALL kids get the same chance at a great future.

Why now?

Because we can do it! And for all of our kids, we should. At HSSC, we know that Washington’s future is brighter when kids finish school with a diploma in hand. This year we have the opportunity to make that future a reality by implementing simple, proven policies that work — and that we can put to work immediately to help kids. For years, Washington has fallen behind, ranking 44th in high school graduation yet 1st in economic growth. That doesn’t make sense and failing to address our education system will leave our kids at a serious disadvantage in the economy of the future. Recently, legislators have taken bold steps to address this. HSSC is focused on advancing that upward trajectory during the next legislative session by supporting policies that ensure access to opportunity for all kids.

Who is behind the coalition?

Our coalition is made up of organizations, elected officials, parents, families —and students themselves!— that are advocating for poilices that will help Washington state do better, now. Our organizational members include: Black Education Strategy Roundtable, College Success Foundation, Education Trust, Graduate Tacoma, School's Out Washington, Stand for Children Washington, Treehouse, Washington Charter School Association, Washington Roundtable, and WA STEM. In fact, you can join the coalition by signing up.

Right, but who is paying for this website?

Stand for Children Washington, one of the founding members of the coalition, is leading the management of communication tools for the HSSC, in collaboration with all coalition members. Stand is a non-profit education advocacy organization focused on ensuring all students receive a high quality, relevant education, especially those whose boundless potential is overlooked and under-tapped because of their skin color, zip code, first language, or disability. Stand helps channel philanthropic dollars to support policies that help improve education for all. 
















































































































































































































































































Contact information provided to Stand for Children Washington through this website will be used to contact you about High School Success Coalition updates, but will not be shared without your consent. You can review this website's privacy policy in full here.

Is this a Democrat thing or a Republican thing?

Well, both! Ensuring every kid graduates and investing in a better future for Washington is something that we all can agree on. HSSC polices have bipartisan appeal because they are proven, data-driven, cost-effective and beneficial for all.

But will it work?

Yes! And what is more, these policies can be put into effect immediately – meaning kids in school now can experience a difference. Ninth Grade Success strategies and Academic Acceleration policies have proven to boost high school graduation rates and have an immediate positive impact on students in districts where they are already implemented. The approaches encased in the high school success plan are comprised of data-proven policies and programs that are already working across our state, including in Tacoma, Federal Way, Spokane, Sunnyside, and Lake Chelan. How? Washington already recognizes the importance of data-proven 9th grade on-track metrics and the ability to earn credit for high school and college, which is why both are included as accountability measures in the Washington School Improvement Framework . These policies work because of real-time data systems that monitor students and appropriately intervene if they begin to struggle or are ready for more rigorous classes. It meets students where they are at with a helping hand or spurring them into the next challenge.

How can I help?

We need you! You can help in several ways:








































































































































































































































































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