What we’re doing in 2021: Legislative Priorities

During the 2021 legislative session, the eight members of the High School Success Coalition will be advocating together in support of policies that will support every student on their path to graduation and pursuing their dreams.

The High School Success Coalition advocates for proven policies that are grounded in racial equity and support every student on their path to achieve a rigorous high school diploma and pursue their dreams.

As a coalition, we believe:

  1. rigorous classes are essential,
  2. counseling services and support staff are critical, and
  3. transitions are pivotal.

Together, the eight members of our coalition will champion the following priorities: 

  • Make dual credit courses equitable and accessible to student groups who have been historically been excluded
  • Expand and strengthen equitable individualized student supports
  • Protect all students’ access to a College and Career Ready HS Diploma

    In addition, our coalition supports work to: 

    • Increase digital equity, including access to broadband, devices, and technical support
    • Expand financial aid for college and postsecondary opportunities 
    • Ensure Learning Assistance Program (LAP) dollars provide the most impactful support possible for students

    Make dual credit courses equitable and accessible to student groups who have historically been excluded.

    Students who take dual credit courses, such as College in the High School, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, and Running Start, enroll in postsecondary at higher rates and are more likely to graduate high school on time. 

    • We are committed to building on Washington’s progress toward equity by ensuring that dual credit courses reflect the demographics of the district and that student access to these opportunities is not limited by the costs for these courses. 
    • We also support policies that integrate antiracist, culturally competent practice and curriculum in advanced coursework.

    Expand and strengthen equitable, individualized student supports. 

    Our coalition advocates for proven policies that have the strongest impact for students who are underserved by the education system. Students and families of color, students who are the first in their family to attend college, and students learning English are more likely to rely on school counselors or other caring adults for support and guidance. We are advocating for: 

    • a statutory definition of a school counselor’s role to ensure they can maximize time with students;
    • time and funding for Ninth Grade Success teams that are proven to increase on time graduation rates; and
    • foster care liaisons in all school buildings to support graduation pathways for highly mobile students. 

    Protect all students’ access to a College and Career Ready HS Diploma. 

    Protecting the progress already made to ensure high school students graduate college- and career-ready is critical to ensure their access to family-wage jobs and opportunity. This includes:

    • 24 credits toward a meaningful diploma; and
    • multiple graduation pathways.

    Download a PDF version of our priorities here.