What we’re committed to in 2024

Mission: The High School Success Coalition advocates for proven policies that are grounded in racial equity and support every student in Washington to achieve a rigorous high school diploma that prepares them for postsecondary opportunities and to pursue their dreams.

Download a PDF version of our priorities here.
In order to achieve this mission, we focus on priorities that support focused, effective use of funding for evidence-based policies/interventions that specifically support high school students furthest from opportunity, counseling and support for effective transitions to post secondary opportunities conditions for students to thrives.

      Students and schools continue to have unequal recovery from pandemic learning losses, which exacerbated existing inequities in opportunity by race, income, geography, and other identities. We urge the legislature to continue to invest in culturally responsive learning acceleration targeting students who are furthest from educational justice.

      In 2024, we urge the state legislature to:

      • Ensure that school systems are set up to support students as they transition to high school, and from high school to postsecondary
      • Remove barriers to accessing financial aid for which students already qualify
      • Enhance opportunities for mentorship and advising.