What we’re committed to in 2023 Legislative Platform

Mission: The High School Success Coalition advocates for proven policies that are grounded in racial equity and support every student in Washington to achieve a rigorous high school diploma that prepares them for postsecondary opportunities and to pursue their dreams.

Download a PDF version of our priorities here.

In order to achieve this mission, we focus on priorities that support focused, effective use of funding for evidence-based policies/interventions that specifically support high school students furthest from opportunity, counseling and support for effective transitions to post secondary opportunities conditions for students to thrives.

      In 2023, we urge the state legislature to:

      • Invest in learning acceleration targeting students who have faced the most significant barriers due to the pandemic.
      • Promote dual credit equity to ensure access to high quality, rigorous coursework that prepares students for post-secondary credentials. In particular we support universal access to dual credit programs by eliminating financial barriers to participation.
      • Support effective student transitions so that students leave high school with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue postsecondary credentials. This includes
        a. Develop a digital platform for high school and beyond plans with funding for implementations, robust community engagement, and access for youth program providers.
        b. Support strong data collection and analysis of graduation pathways, and adding a performance-based graduation pathway that includes ELA and   Math   proficiency.
        c. Sustain and expand ninth grade success teams, targeting funding for schools who are furthest from the state’s Ninth Grade On-Track average.