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To be delivered to the Washington State Legislature,

Today, 1 out of 5 Washington students will not graduate from high school. Every Washington student deserves the chance to reach the finish line.

Preparing students to graduate on time starts by supporting their critical transition into high school from 8th to 9th grade. Washington students are 4 times more likely to graduate if they pass every class in their freshman year — regardless of their race or family’s income level.

I support Freshman On-Track and High School Success policies, which would:

  1. Provide every district resources and support to develop and adapt a Freshman Success Strategy for their student populations, implementing strong prevention & intervention programs to keep freshmen on the right path
  2. Direct state funding to invest in school counseling services at the middle and high school level.
  3. Establish the expectation of an Academic Acceleration policy in every district and eliminate financial barriers for low-income students in advanced classes.

The future of our state is determined in 9th grade classrooms. Washington’s number one goal should be getting every Washington high school student to graduate and be prepared for college and career opportunities.


By signing this petition you are joining countless other parents and teachers in calling on the State Legislature to make a dramatic difference in K-12 education – right now.



This is our year! The High School Success Coalition is asking legislators and everyday Washingtonians to take three simple steps to increase high school graduation. Here’s how it works:

  • Positioning every kid to succeed: By 2021 we want to see every high school student who is ready and willing placed in academically challenging courses. By reducing financial barriers, bias, and structural inequity that limit which students enroll in advanced classes, an Academic Acceleration policy challenges students to fulfill their potential. Washington districts who have implemented this approach are already seeing more students and more diversity in their advanced classes in just 1-2 years.
  • Investing in freshman: When a student passes every class in their freshman year, they are 4 times more likely to graduate, regardless of their race or family’s income level. HSSC wants every freshman to have that advantage by implementing for a Freshman Success Strategy in every Washington high school. Using real-time data and proven, effective intervention — we can make sure kids are getting the real support they need.
  • More counselors, more support: Counseling gives students access to the appropriate support they need while planning for their future. HSSC coalition members are calling for direct state investment in more counselors at the middle school level and assurance that high schools are hiring the number of counselors they need.

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